To make disciples who make disciples who make disciples.” That is both the goal and strategy behind the work that Zack and Anna Woolwine are doing as Youth for Christ Pioneering Coordinators in the Kingdom of Tonga. Jesus not only modeled discipleship training, but in addition, it was disciple-making that he commanded of his followers before He left the earth.

“Follow Me and I will teach you how to fish for people.” -Jesus of Nazareth

The Woolwines have dedicated their lives to following Jesus’ simple model of raising up disciples who will then repeat the process with others. The impact that this has made in Tonga has been nothing short of amazing. So much so, that Zack is now being invited to travel to other nations in the Pacific and beyond to train and empower local believers with the simple, reproducible tools of Disciple Multiplication.

In Tonga and across the globe, doors of opportunity are opening for Zack and Anna to go and train others in making disciples who will make disciples who will make disciples. These trainings place an extremely high emphasis on self-sustainability. However, the traveling and training required to seed these Disciple-Making Movements does require funding. Zack and Anna are prayerfully seeking prayer and financial partners who will stand with them as they disciple and train more and more people to “follow Jesus and fish for people” throughout the Pacific and beyond!

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